The Comptoir des Tissus team is a benchmark in high-end fashion. As clothing experts, we work with the most prestigious events, such as the Miss France beauty pageant. We look forward to showing you our remarkable achievements in the world of fashion.

Miss France: Celebrating the beauty of each region of the country since 1920

Miss France, an iconic beauty pageant, began in 1920. Held annually, it aims to elect the most beautiful woman in the country. Candidates represent their regions and compete in talent tests, interviews and catwalks in evening gowns and swimming costumes. The winner bears the title of Miss France for a year, and takes part in charity and media activities. The competition celebrates beauty, intelligence and social commitment.

During Miss France, the prestigious beauty pageant, the Comptoir des Tissus team is a partner of the Midi-Pyrénées region, providing the fabric needed for the candidates to excel as they parade in front of the whole of France, adding a touch of elegance to the prestigious pageant. Our collaboration is a remarkable way of showcasing our regional talent, helping to make the region's beauty and charm shine.