Accessible, fast, precise, versatile and comfortable. It's the meticulous harvesting of textile fibres that will enable your creations to achieve excellence.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of excellent fabrics and discover the meticulous process behind the creation of our exceptional pieces. From carefully cultivated plant fibres, to animal fibres from perfected traditional animal husbandry, to new-generation synthetic and man-made fibres, each stage of manufacture is carried out with expertise and dedication to bring you fabrics that are easy to sew and of unrivalled quality.

Harvesting plant fibres - A meticulous process for exceptional fibres

It all starts with a meticulous selection of the most appropriate plant varieties for the production of excellent fibres. These plants are grown using sustainable farming methods that comply with European standards, and without the use of chemicals that are harmful to the production of excellent fibre. Every stage of growth is closely monitored, from the meticulous preparation of the soil to the carefully planned harvesting of the plant fibres.

While the plants are growing, careful monitoring of growing conditions, such as irrigation and pest protection, is carried out to ensure excellent fibres. The result is pure, intact plant fibres, free from impurities and defects, making them much easier to handle when sewing.

Once the fibres have been harvested, they undergo a delicate treatment process to prepare them for transformation into fabric. The fibres are gently cleaned to preserve them in their optimum condition. This ensures smooth handling during sewing and avoids common problems such as fraying or thread breakage.

The result of this meticulous cultivation process is a collection of excellent fabrics. The threads glide smoothly over your sewing machine, facilitating the sewing process. You can achieve precise, strong seams, while enjoying the beauty and comfort of our excellent fabrics.

Harvesting animal fibres - A traditional breeding method perfected over hundreds of years

Animal husbandry is the cornerstone of a fabric of excellence. Our breeders ensure that they are reared in suitable conditions, paying particular attention to their welfare. They look after their health, their feed and their habitat, because healthy, happy animals produce top-quality fibre.

When the time comes to harvest the fibres, gentle, animal-friendly methods are used. We work with professionals who have in-depth expertise in handling animal fibres. They use appropriate techniques to obtain the fibres without harming the animals, thereby preserving their welfare.

Once harvested, the fibres undergo a meticulous transformation process. They are carefully sorted, washed and prepared to guarantee their purity and optimum quality. The fibres are then precision-spun into excellent yarns.

The creation of synthetic and artificial fibres - An introduction to cutting-edge technologies

It all starts with in-depth research and meticulous selection of the raw materials used to create our next-generation fibres. The most advanced polymers and fibre blends are identified to enable our fabrics to achieve excellence in terms of ease of handling when sewing.

Once the raw materials have been selected, innovative technologies are used to create synthetic and man-made fibres that exceed quality expectations. The advanced manufacturing process ensures that the fibres are uniform, strong and exceptionally soft, making them much easier to handle when sewing.

During fibre manufacture, cutting-edge technologies are used to control the size, structure and properties of the fibres, to ensure excellent workability on your sewing machine. The fibres are carefully treated to minimise static electricity, fraying and other common sewing problems.

Once the fibres have been transformed into high-quality threads using spinning and twisting processes, they are ready to be used in your creations. Their flexibility and strength guarantee precise, long-lasting seams, while their ease of handling makes your sewing experience fluid and enjoyable.

Laboratory tests to achieve excellence

We make a point of ensuring that all our fabrics meet the highest standards of excellence. That's why we subject our fabrics to rigorous laboratory tests. These tests enable us to check their strength, resistance to wear and tear and ease of sewing. This ensures that our fabrics are ready to work with ease and confidence. Whether you're a professional sewer or a keen hobbyist, our fabrics are designed to give you an enjoyable and hassle-free sewing experience. You can be sure that every fabric you buy from us has been harvested, spun and tested with the utmost care, guaranteeing exceptional results in all your sewing projects.